How to Make Money While Shopping On Kuza - The Best Classified Ad Platform in Cameroon

With the onset of the pandemic, revenues for most physical businesses started dropping rapidly. As the world witnessed a major lockdown, most stores and enterprises were forced to shut down. To overcome the inevitable consequences, companies underwent a digital transformation and made their appearance on the digital marketplaces. One such platform for online business is Kuza in Cameroon. An ideal gateway for buying and selling goods or services, lets you meet the person willing to pay the right price you desire.


Over the past decade, online shopping has changed the scenario of classified advertisements. Gone are the days of scouring through a newspaper column. Now you can just get on the internet, search for the item you desire and check for the nearby suppliers. Similarly, if you have an additional item that is no longer useful, you can put it up on Kuza and wait for prospective buyers to reach out. Not only have we made it easy for the buyers and sellers to get in contact with each other, but also ensured the credibility of each person listed on our site.


Now you must be wondering how is listing an ad or registering as an active buyer going to help me make money. Well, your answer lies in the fact that Kuza in Cameroon allows its 7.8 Million users to access every single ad posted online. Apart from that, on registration, you get 5,000 frs credited to your account which can be used for sales, purchases or promotions, respectively. Another reason to choose Kuza for your online shopping endeavors is the seamless website interface that lets you operate in two languages - French and English.


Who can start an online business and make money through Kuza?


     Marketing Agents - Every business, whether online or offline requires a strong marketing strategy and effective sellers to reach their set goal of revenue. Joining Kuza as a marketing agent will let you earn the commission by bringing sellers to our platform.

     Resellers - Most business transactions in our world are carried out by middlemen. Purchase something at a lower price, modify it and promote it to the right customers. You can easily sell it for a higher price and pocket the cash difference.

     Real Estate Agents - Kuza is not just for furniture items, everyday objects, vehicles and their spare parts. You can also list apartments, houses, offices or any other kind of land online to find a suitable buyer.

     Auto Dealers - Be it vintage cars, specific engine parts or some other kind of car or bike accessory, you can act as a broker and sell them through our platform. Once you start gaining a reputation as a seller, your followers will increase which makes it easy for you to conduct online business transactions.


For more information please visit Free classified Kuza your online shopping endeavors


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